Wedding Officiant                


Professional service at your desired location


        I graduated from Liberty University on December 2013 with a Masters in Divinity Chaplaincy. My under Graduate degree is from Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey.

Ordination and License:
             I am a Licensed Minister with the United National Church. I have been an Associate pastor and Chaplain for them since Feb 2015. This has opened the doors to serve Atlanta in a different capacity and meet people right where they live. (ie work, home, barns, parks and other local neighborhood venues)

Personal Wedding Beliefs
     I believe that marriage is a relationship and blessing created and governed by God. The marriage relationship is used to shape individuals into the full potential God created them to be. This special bond created by God is a symbol of God's relationship with the world of love and sacrifice.
    You see God so loved the world that he gave Himself up to save it. Yes! Marriage is a chance for us to learn how to give ourselves fully to another person in a sacrificial committed oath.


Wedding and Rehearsal  $150

The wedding ceremony package is all inclusive. Includes a personalized wedding script, wedding rehearsal, wedding officiating , and pictures with Bride and Groom after service. 

Monday - Thursday Services:  $100 

 I will meet you at your current location or your place of choice to perform your vows.  Starting at  $150  (based on location and availability); Please contact me with location and date to get your price locked in today. 

Script Writing   $15

 Create your personal wedding script.  I will write your wedding script for your big day, so it is uniquely yours. This is a process where we work together to develop your optimal script. This includes your vows, special ceremonies, unique openings and greetings, and or any additional request that you might have.  Please feel free to message me with any questions or concerns. Thanks


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